Mobile Crane NVQ for CPCS A60 Blue Card

The skill required to safely operate a Mobile Crane is often underestimated by those who have never tried. Those of us that have, know that it requires extreme levels of concentration. It can be physically demanding and requires you to be able to say no when you know something is unsafe. Earning your CPCS Mobile Crane Blue Card is one way to show that you have the required skills and characteristics to perform the role well.

When you pass your CPCS A60 Mobile Crane technical tests, you know how you should be doing it, but you still need to hone your skills. Carrying out crane lifts, you learn to develop the touch required to lift and place loads with pin point accuracy. In addition, you will perfect timing your movements to reduce unwanted swing as much as possible. Feeding in and out the controls gently will become second nature, just like riding a bike.

Your operating skills are only part of the requirements to be a competent operator. Demonstrating your knowledge of crane operations and maintenance of your machine shows that you therefore understand the reasons behind what you do. As a Mobile Crane Blue Card operator, you are required to regularly check your machine and complete basic maintenance. A good understanding of the systems and features of your crane will make you a better operator. Keeping your crane in good condition helps to keep it on the road and earning you money!

“I can’t afford to take time off to complete a course for my Mobile Crane Blue Card”

At All Star Safety we understand that as a crane operator you work long hours. Time spent with your family, or just not at work is precious. This is why we endeavour to complete NVQ assessments as easily as possible. We will support you to complete the work required in the shortest time scale that we can.

Most assessments can be completed while you work. Any that can’t will be planned around you and completed as quickly as possible. This helps you to keep working to bring home the bacon… Mmmmmm…. Bacon.

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