Appointed Person NVQ for CPCS A61 Blue Card

So you’ve spent five days stuck in a room hand drawing cranes to scale? Once the swelling in your fingers has gone down, it’s time to start working towards your Appointed Person NVQ. This must be completed within 2 years of passed your CPCS A61 AP technical tests and obtaining your Red Card. We won’t promise that it will be easy, but will do everything we can to make the process as painless as possible.

Planning and managing lifting operations is a big responsibility. As an Appointed Person you are fulfilling legal requirements of various regulations. You will be aware of LOLER, PUWER and BS7121, as well as CDM 2015. These key pieces of legislation and guidance contain important information which will be covered during your NVQ. Click here to visit the HSE website section on lifting operations.

  • Construction Deign and Management Regulations 2015

We understand that as an Appointed Person, you are going to be very busy. You may be in the role full time, or have been “volunteered” to plan lifts on top of your usual job. Either way All Star Safety can support you to obtain your CPCS Blue Card. The Appointed Person NVQ will be assessed mainly using evidence of work you are already producing. This helps to reduce any additional workload.

A visit to your workplace will then be arranged for your assessor to observe you working. This is your chance to demonstrate your ability to communicate the details required to execute your lift plan safely. You will then send other evidence to your assessor which will be assessed remotely. This allows us to keep costs down and give you the best value for money to achieve your Appointed Person NVQ.

Whilst completing your NVQ your assessor will give you hints and tips on how to complete your lift planning, drawing on their own experience within the industry. From calculating rigger pressures, to selecting the optimum crane for the job, we will do our best to help you learn and grow as a lift planner whilst you gain your Appointed Person NVQ.

Get in touch today to find out more and book your NVQ and start your journey to your CPCS A61 Appointed Person Blue Card.