CPCS Blue Card for Lifting Operations

Whether it’s your first CPCS card category, or you are adding more and progressing through your career, you will need to complete the relevant NVQ to upgrade your Red “Trainer Operator” card to and Blue “Competent Operator” card. All Star Safety have the people in place to help you at every step. We offer a comprehensive service to assist you with the transition with experienced assessors who still work in the industry.

Construction Plant Competence Scheme

Ownership of CPCS transferred to NOCN on the 1st March 2019, however the scheme rules remain the same. Operatives will notice small changes, but still have to follow the same procedures to obtain Red and Blue CPCS Cards. Click here for more information about the scheme on the NOCN website.

There have been recent issues with the transfer of management of the CPCS scheme from CITB to NOCN, which has had a negative impact on the processing of both new Red CPCS cards and upgraded Blue CPCS cards when NVQs have been completed. NOCN worked to resolve these issues. A statement was issued by NOCN in early 2020, which can be found here.

All Star Safety can arrange to complete the NVQ you require at your workplace reducing downtime. We have expert knowledge to quickly and easily obtain your CPCS Blue Card for the following categories:-

Slinger Signaller NVQ from All Star Safety
A40 Slinger Signaller
All Star Safety Mobile Crane
A60 Mobile Crane
All Star Safety cranes on site from above
A62 Crane Supervisor
Appointed Person Blue Card
A61 Appointed Person

Some categories of CPCS can be completed with a combined NVQ. Call our team today to discuss if this route is available to you. We will always advise you on the best option for you.

The NVQ Process

Firstly your assessor will complete an introduction to the NVQ you are completing.

Copies of documentation from work your have completed will be used as evidence. Your assessor will tell you exactly what you need to collect. A set of questions must be completed to demonstrate you have a sound knowledge of your chosen category.

You tell us when you are ready and your assessor will come to your site to observe you working. All you need to do is go about your day as normal showcasing how well you do your job.

You will also complete a recorded professional discussion. This is your chance to show the experience you have and talk about the jobs you have done.

A witness testimony will be collected from an expert witness who can vouch for your skills and experience. This person will need to be in a senior position, understand your role and have worked with you for a minimum period of time.

Once your assessor has collected all of the evidence they need the NVQ is signed off and sent to an independent party to verify. We will send your certificate to you as soon as this process has been completed.

Ordering your CPCS Blue Card

When you receive your certificate a copy needs to be sent to CPCS who will add it to your file. A fee of £28 is then paid over the phone to CPCS and your card will be ordered and posted within 15 working days. All Star Safety will be happy to assist with all stages of this process. It’s boring, but we like you so we don’t mind.